Installing Perl on Windows (32 and 64 bit)

A good setup for Perl on Windows (32 and 64 bit):

Install Perl on Windows
  • Make sure you do not have any version of Perl already installed. (see video below for details), If you do uninstall it through the Window control panel "add/remove programs", if you still have a C:\Strawberry folder rename or delete it
  • Download and install Padre, the Perl IDE/editor (Strawberry Perl version 5.12.3 comes as part of the install, you also get many other useful CPAN modules as well).
  • Log out and back in (or reboot)
  • Go to your start menu, then click the "Perl command" link
  • To confirm the installation worked type:
    perl -v
  • Install App-cpanminus by typing in:
    cpan App::cpanminus

Installing Strawberry Perl (without Padre) video

Explanation of this setup

  • Padre, the Perl IDE is recommended, because you get Strawberry Perl (Perl packaged for Windows) 5.12.3 as well as many useful modules (especially those that are tricky to install) and the Perl IDE/editor itself.
  • To interact with the command line and run Perl commands, you need to run 'cmd'. There are better alternatives available as well.
  • App-cpanminus provides the cpanm tool, which makes installing Perl modules very simple to do.
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